Saturday, May 21, 2016


Fallen Enchantressis a themed strategy game and turn base. you will play this game in turns, you need a mature strategy that our soldiers can survive more and mush can be defted. the CeresaDesign your sovereign with distinctive skills and wpons for the trials ahd. Lrn powerful spells to enchant units, summon elementals, or destroy people who oppose you. Found cities and analysis technologies to expand your influence. Send your champions on quests to recover ancient artifacts, gain allies, or get the good wlth lost throughout the aclysm.The land isn't merely waiting to be claimed; it should be conquered. Darkling camps, ogre lairs and caves waiting to be explored dot the landscape. In remote corners of the globe, tireless butchermen, fell demons and ledary loions ar waiting to be found. Explore Varda, a pre-aclysm town defended by golems that have turned on the voters and crted the town into a jail.
System Requirements XP/Vista/7 Pentium IV or Better1 GB RAM128 MB VRAM1 GB Free space

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