Saturday, May 21, 2016

I am Ved Zombiegeddon - Full 49.92MB

I am Ved Zombiegeddonre: Action, Arcade, StrategyPublisher: Layernet GmbHDeveloper: Layernet GmbHRelse Date: July 15, 2013
Free Download Game - Captain the Vedary Heroes, survive the Zombiegeddon and take revenge upon the birds, pigs, and the zombies! Enemies have joined forces to destroy all plants by trampling down young innocent seedlings, besieging the allotment and stling the seeds. Take charge of Vedary Heroes special Fertilization squard and hit your enemies where its hurts to win, you will have to use anything that can shot and you will find that neraly everthing can. The final battle will require total involvement: baste the birds with tomatoes, chop zombies, take advantage of carrot ordnance, and also sprinkle on the salad to watch your green as green recurits grow into ssoned sergnts. I am Ved Zombiegeddon fturing with 11 plants you can play, 45 missions you must done, many bonus gameplay you can play, and also big super boss to fight in the end!!

System RequirementsOS: Win XP/Vista/Seven/Win 8CPU: 1.8GhzMemory: 512MBDirectX: 9.0HDD: 225MB availbale space
Download Via MediafireTo Download Click Here
How to install1. Download the game2. Install the game3. Play (no need ) 4. If you like this game, plse buy it

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