Saturday, May 21, 2016

Star Defender 4 Game Download For PC

Star Defender 4 Game Download For PC.Star Defender 4 Star Defender series is still one of the best ftures is the space shooter. You may well be dazzled craft graphics and music. Behavior and new ways of attacking in Star Defender 4 different style Face tons of new enemies. Machine-gun, saw, flame thrower, acid bomb and cutter: Use new Star Defender 4 wpons! And also the best wpons from the previous game: parasitron, lasers, infector, ball lightning, missiles, homing laser and barriers! More than 100 levels, 8 original missions and of course huge impressive bosses at the end of ch mission by a blast! 'll Get the rl plsure playing Star Defender 4 you!Fighting Game Free Download.
Star Defender 4 Game Size : 11.22 MB
PC Requirements Pentium |||Ram : 25 MBHard : 32 MB
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