Saturday, May 21, 2016

WinFF Converter 1.5.0 Full Version Free Download

WinFF Converter 1.5.0 (x86/x64) Full Version Download - Convert your s quickly, sily and once with WinFF and FFmpeg. WinFF will convert almost any file that FFmpeg will convert. WinFF does multiple files in multiple formats at the same time. For example, you can convert mpeg, flv and mov, avi all in one go.WinFF Converter 1.5.0 100% Work and full version download only 4 u.
WinFF Converter Ftures:sy to use interface.Quick (WinFF does not preclude FFmpeg anyway).High quality output.Converts multiple different files all with the same format at once.Convert to audio.Convert between audio formats.No external cs needed.Includes a variety of preset conversion common formats and devices.Predefined conversions can be crted to en to any format FFmpeg access to common conversion options such as bitrate, size, frame rate.Specify the parameters of additional command line for advanced users (options button).sily switch FFmpeg versions.FFmpeg supports multithrding for dual-core processorsMultilingual, available in over 10 languages
Upload Date : 9/26/2013File Size : 16.9 MB
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